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Introducing The Social Accelerators

The Social Accelerators help businesses, public sector organisations, thought –leaders, companies and brands to grow and reach their target audience through social media.

From raising awareness of your products and services, to driving more traffic to your website or landing pages, building your email marketing databases, growing engagement with your target market, delivering customer service through social media, finding your perfect candidates for your vacancies, helping you use social media in your flow (introverts, social media CAN work for you, we promise!!!), all whilst measuring EVERYTHING that we do to get you the best possible return on your investment.

If you want to accelerate your social media marketing results, contact us now to request a quote.

Caroline Thomas

Caroline Thomas


Caroline is known as an educator, thought leader and entrepreneur. Caroline has a talent for identifying what’s unique about a person’s brand, business and products/services and helps entrepreneurs, businesses and personalities package and promote that uniqueness to stand out against their competitors.

Incredibly passionate, and with an ability to see the big picture, Caroline is recognised as a marketing leader, who comes up with winning creative strategies, campaigns and solutions. If you have a product, service or business to promote and want to give your prospects and customers the very best reasons to choose those over and above anything else on the market, Caroline is the go-to person for entrepreneurs and businesses globally!

With boundless enthusiasm, Caroline is a strategist, speaker and thought leader, in how to set yourself, your business and products and services apart from your competition, and creates strategies and campaigns that attract the customers that you most want to do business with.

Caroline believes that social media marketing can work for everyone, however, if you’re responsible for running the social media for your company (employed or self-employed), your winning social media marketing formula depends on your personality profile, as one size does not fit all! To find out more, please contact us.


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