Nov, 2017

Facebook Ad image rules suck, but….

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When I’m talking to clients about Facebook adverts, most want to get as much information into the image that goes with the advert as possible, however Facebook limit the reach of your ads (or worse, it won’t run at all) if the image has too much text in it, it’s necessary to change your thinking when you (or your design team) are creating images for Facebook ads.

If you’re running ads that will have a link (to a sales page, opt-in form or specific link on your website), the image needs to be sized at 1200 pixels by 628 pixels.

Now think about what you want people to know…

The headline or attention grabber – that COULD go in the image, as long as it will pass the Facebook Text Overlay Tool

But if the image stands out in a busy newsfeed, people WILL naturally read the text above the image.

So, it’s about getting the copy right in your ad before it truncates to ‘see more’, and creating or selecting the right image that will stop people scrolling through friends posts, baby pictures, holiday pictures, wedding pics, funny memes and cute kitten/puppy videos.

A stand out headline for your traffic ad also draws more attention in the newsfeed, as it’s in bold font.

Remember too, most people use Facebook on a mobile, so if you put too much text in your image for your ad, people won’t be able to see it clearly!

Facebook prefer images with no text, and they’ve even built in stock images within the ads manager, so if you’re new to Facebook ads, and you want to run traffic ads with an image, consider the following:

Does your image need text on it? Or could you create copy and an ad headline that grabs attention, and instead focus on creating or selecting the image that will stand out in the newsfeed amongst the more sociable posts that your target audience will see in their newsfeed?

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