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Have you ever noticed how some elements of your social media marketing are much easier than others?

You may LOVE to create content, but HATE analysing the results you create from that content, or find it easier to curate content, rather than spend lots of time on engagement.

It’s said that Content is King on social media and that’s true, however, with the wall of information that people find online these days, how do you stand out from the crowd, and use social media so that it’s no longer a challenge, but easy to execute?

Who do you need in your social media marketing team? What’s the right personality profile of the person in your team who will deliver the best results for you? Which social media agency will help you best achieve your objectives? What about if you’re the one running the social media for your business?

Who should consider using the social marketing personality test?

Social Media speakers, consultants and trainers

  • How wonderful would it be to know the social marketing personality profile of those that you’re training or advising? Find out their strengths and what tasks they will find easiest in their social media marketing journey so that you can create strategies that will work for them as individuals.
  • Help them identify which strengths from other profiles they might need to engage in order to get the best results.
  • Ensure every single person that you advise, consult for and train gets the best possible results by identifying how best to communicate with them, what activities would be most natural for them, and manage their expectations around these.

Marketing Agencies and Marketing Directors/Managers

When recruiting for your teams, go one step further beyond interviews and portfolios, and profile anyone that you’re considering hiring.

  • Determine what social marketing tasks will be most natural for your candidates
  • Identify how they will interact with you and other team members – do they have the strengths that will compliment your existing team?
  • Understand how best to communicate with them to build a great team, and to bring out their best, which has really serious impact on your client’s experience!
  • Deliver a better customer experience by having the right people doing the right tasks

Business Owners

Are you struggling to get the results that you need from social media? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Are you considering outsourcing your social media?

  • Take the social marketing personality test to determine how to use social media for your personality type to get the best results
  • Determine which elements of your social media you want to outsource, and which to retain in-house, by analysing your social media strengths and suitable tasks
  • You don’t have to be an extrovert to make social media marketing work for your business

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